Pop-ups are present in almost all sectors of business: fashion, dining, entertainment, and now music. Artists such as Jamie XX, Drake, Justin Bieber, and Kanye have hosted pop-ups to sell merchandise and promote their brands. Music pop-ups give fans a chance to step away from their computer and phone screens, and interact with music brands in real life. Along with musicians, music festivals have also entered into the world of pop-ups. In Chicago, festival Lollapalooza hosts an annual pop-up to sell merchandise prior to the event. Now, New York’s newest festival, Panorama, is taking over Open Gallery Space until mid July as their festival HQ. 

Panorama Music Festival, the East-coast Coachella produced by Golden Voice (a subsidiary of AEG) will launch on Randall’s Island this summer, July 22-24. Adam Scheirman, Grassroot Partner Coordinator at Panorama says, “Panorama will bring together top music performances, technology-­inspired installations and delicious eats to celebrate New York City’s position as both a capital of entertainment and hub of innovative technology.”

Scheirman says that, “In recent months, pop-ups have been an effective street level marketing tool. They combine originality and physicality.” As an industry that has fully embraced the digital age, physicality is something that pop-ups are able to bring back to music.

Artist manager, Marat Berenstein thinks music pop-ups are here to stay. “Given that there are barely any traditional outlets left that cater to the casual music consumer, pop-ups fill that void.” Berenstein continues, “There’s no other way for musicians to connect with their fans in real life other than at shows or by working with huge brands who have retail presence and even that is only available to the biggest stars in the world (i.e. Adidas x Kanye West partnership). 

The first exhibit at Panorama HQ had people stopping in their tracks. Derek Doublin and Vanessa Bonet, known as the art-duo Dedo Vabo, have been working together for over 10 years. They specialize in creative absurdist, experiential art. The duo is most well-known for their 2015 Coachella “Corporate Headquarters” installation where they built a functional three-story office building filled with hippopotamuses in the middle of the Coachella field. Now, Dedo Vabo have brought their hippos to the Bowery at Open Gallery Space to share an office with the Panorama team.

Scheirman says the Panorama HQ pop-up is a living, breathing example that people are capable of having fun while taking on a tremendous task. Everyone has pushed each other to perform at their absolute best. This experience, whether you worked in the office or have merely walked by the office, has become a highlight for 2016.”

Moving forward, the space will serve as an information center for all things Panorama.

text and photos by: Jackie Shihadeh